During the pandemic, Immgen programs are naturally slowed down.
To support COVID-19 research worldwide, we are re-deploying here some of our visualization tools to display datasets related to SARS-CoV2, the pathology or the immune response it elicits.
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Gene Skyline
The Skyline presents the expression profiles of a selected gene in a chosen group of cell types, in either microarray or ULI RNA-seq data.
Single Cell Profiling
Display Single Cell RNA-seq profiles from immunological organs and cell-types, and their distinguishing gene modules.
MicroRNA abundance profiles in different immunological cell-types (Qiagen qPCR), viewed by cell-type of by predicted target sites.
Gene Constellation
The Constellation view presents the genes most closely correlated to a chosen gene, grouped by genomic location or secondary correlation.
GEM (Gene Expression Map)
Dive into a zoom-enabled representation of the genome, with gene expression (microarray) as pseudo-color barcodes positioned along the chromosomes, marking specific genes or differentially expressed regions.
See how your gene set is expressed across ImmGen cell-types.
Population Comparison
Performs a comparison of gene expression between 2 cell-types (or groups of cell-types), returns the most differential genes and their statistics.
Chromatin profiles in different immunological cell-types (ChIPseq, ATACseq).
Human/Mouse Comparison
Compares the expression of individual genes in human and mouse immune cell lineages, and their co-regulated gene modules.
Enhancer Networks
The Enhancer Networks databrowser allows users to explore the "Open Chromatin Region" of accessible chromatin (mostly promoters or enhancers) associated with a particular gene within the mouse immune system.
Deep RNAseq
Gene expression profiles from different immunological cell-types by TrueSeq RNA-seq, visualized on the UCSC Genome Browser.
Differential Splicing
Differentially spliced isoforms in different immunological cell-types, from RNA-seq junction analysis and from feature-level microarray analysis.
Genetic variation
A series of comparison tools and tables exploring the variation in gene expression between mouse inbred strains.
Modules and regulators
Interactive display of the modules of co-regulated genes across immunological cell-types, and the transcription factors (TFs) predicted to control them.
Human Expression Data
Search the expression profile of a selected gene in a chosen immunological cell-type (Gene Skyline), or browse Single Cell RNA-seq profiles.
Presents the transcriptional signatures of cytokines in different immunocyte lineages, predicted regulatory networks and chromatin rearrangements.

ImmGen Datasets
The ImmGen data and browsers are developed as a general resource for the community, principally supported by funds from NIH/NIAID. Datasets can be downloaded from NCBI’s GEO and SRA data repositories, this searchable table provides links to all ImmGen data series and normalized gene tables.