Mobile Apps

Stuck at home during a pandemic, looking for new trivia games.
From a discussion with friends, you have a sudden urge to know the expression profile of CD233.
Not to worry! The mobile versions of ImmGen data are here to help.

ImmGen developer Jeff Ericson has created a cool application that displays current ImmGen data on the Apple iPhone.
Users can search for GeneSymbols (or other aliases), and the app displays gene expression levels in different lineages of the mouse immune system, either as barcode view for all lineages or as detailed histograms for single lineages. Start by entering a gene name or alias in the search bar. Searching will display a "heatmap barcode" that shows how cold or hot your gene of interest is expressed in different samples for main immune system cell categories, like B cells. You can always swipe through the gene hits banner to see how other genes behave. Press down on a category to see a histogram view of gene expression in various samples for that category. Use modes FRIENDS, FAMILY, and NEIGHBORS to explore which genes are most similar to your gene of interest. In the FRIENDS mode, you can see which genes are most correlated with your gene of interest across the ImmGen dataset. In the FAMILY mode, you can look at which genes share the most similar Gene Ontology molecular function terms with your gene of interest. In the NEIGHBORS mode, you can check out which genes are closest on the chromosome to your gene of interest.
The app is freely available, and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store (iTunes keyword : ImmGen). Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS8 or later.


The long-awaited ImmGen app for Android is now available to download. Developed by Jeff Ericson, the app is similar to the iPhone version and offers both heatmap bar codes views of gene expression within an immune cell lineage, and a classical bar chart of individual cell-types. The app displays new RNAseq, as well at previous microarray data, easily switched through a toggle button.
The app is freely available on the Google Play store using the keyword “ImmGen”.