Dataset Requests & Suggestions

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ImmGen satasets

Quoting ImmGen Data
If these data were of value to you, we would be grateful if you could mention ImmGen in the acknowledgments of publications that were enriched by these data (for example: “This work benefitted from data assembled by the ImmGen consortium”), and/or quote the primary ImmGen reference: Heng TS, et al, Immunological Genome Project Consortium. Nat Immunol. 2008 10 : 1091.

It would also be most useful if you could send us an email for our records.

Sequence & transcriptome Reference
ImmGen is currently using the GRCm38 - mm10 genome assembly to map RNAseq data, and the GENCODE M25 transcriptome (older data were re-mapped to M25 in mid-2020). For relationships to previous versions see.

Comments and Suggestions
Suggestions for improvements on the data presentation are welcome, as are suggestions of cell-types or states that are missing from the databrowsers and would be useful to you.

Please email us at ImmGen@hms.harvard.edu