Genetic Variation
View a gene’s expression across strains
Search the Skyline browser for genes and display expression profiles from a variety of mouse strains (select the “Genetic and Age Variation" datagroup).
Transcripts that distinguish strains
Compares gene expression between two inbred strains, or groups of strains, and shows the genes that best distinguish them
Find eQTLs that affect a gene
Search for a gene of interest, and show the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms that affect its expression.
Mouse immune eQTLs
A table of all “expression Quantitative Trait Loci” that affect gene expression in CD4+ T cells and/or neutrophils in ImmGen data.
Natural Knockouts
A table of 95 genes with loss-of-function in some inbred strains, some in both CD4+ T and neutrophils, some conditional