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Immunological eQTL
Find eQTLs that affect a gene.

The eQTL browser presents the eQTL (Expression Quantitative Trait Loci) that modulate expression of specific genes in bone marrow Neutrophils and/or splenic CD4+ T cells and/or across a panel of 40 mouse inbred strains.

(1) Enter a gene of interest (not all genes have significant eQTLs), then "Enter" (2).
Table displays the eQTL associated with that gene, the position of the defining SNP, its effect size in both cell-types, and the other SNPs that are in tight LD.
Click on one of them to bring up (3) the graphic representation of expression values in all inbred strains, grouped by genotype (4) Roll over to display the name of a specific strain.