Immunological Genome

The Immunological Genome Project is a collaborative group of Immunologists and Computational Biologists who are generating, under carefully standardized conditions, a complete microarray dissection of gene expression and its regulation in the immune system of the mouse. The project encompasses the innate and adaptive immune systems, surveying all cell types of the myeloid and lymphoid lineages with a focus on primary cells directly ex vivo. These are analyzed through different states of differentiation and maturation, activation responses, effector stages, tissue localization, age and genetic variation (more than 250 such cells and states are being probed).

These data support the computational reconstruction of the genetic regulatory network underlying cell differentiation and activation in the immune system. The project will define regulatory modules, the connectivity between genes in different immune cells, and how the network fluctuates with genetic variation.

ImmGen is primarily intended as a public resource, and suggestions from the community for other targets, refinements of the cell populations, or direct collaboration, are welcome.

The data and metadata, the compendium of expression profiles and the description of genomic modules and networks are publicly accessible through ImmGen’s online browsers, and the project also develops novel modes of graphic representation of the genome’s activity.

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