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Human / Mouse Comparison
Compare the profile of human and mouse orthologs across cell lineages of the human and mouse immune systems.

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This browser is a companion site to Shay T. et al. PNAS 2012.

Search for a gene using official GeneSymbol nomenclature (not case sensitive, but must be exact Symbol), in either species (1)(2). May not return anything if the gene is expressed at low levels, rendering comparison hazardous, or if orthologs are ambiguous. If a matching pair is found, returns a histograms of its expression profile in both species (3) and its ‚ÄúConservation of Expression‚ÄĚ index (basically a correlation coefficient, scales from -1 to 1). Also returns the co-regulated module to which the gene belongs in the species in which it was searched, and a heatmap of the same genes in the other species.