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Gene Constellation
The Constellation view presents the genes whose expression is most closely correlated with a target gene, within a lineage or across the ImmGen landscape.

Can be accessed directly from the Skyline page (click “View Constellation”), or by searching for a ProbeID or GeneSymbol (perfect match needed)(1).This network of correlated expression can be navigated by clicking on any of the genes displayed and bringing up its own set of correlations.
The distance from the center represents the tightness of this correlation (closely linked genes are shown close to the center, more distant ones at the periphery; use the “zoom” setting (2) to adjust the scale).
Angular positions on the circle can be chosen (3) to represent chromosomal position within the genome, or secondary correlations between the genes.
Correlations are computed across the entire ImmGen datagroup and within lineage specific datagroups, which brings out finer relationships between genes across differentiation.